International Whistler's Convention

It all started when I went travelling. It was the only (sane) english-language station I could consistently recieve, but was addictive. There was a surreal pleasure of being able to listen to Nicholas Parsons introducing Just a Minute while up a tree-house in Guatemala, or listening to John Peel’s The Alternative on sparsely populated islands in the Andaman Sea. A few years later, and I’m still a habitual BBC World Service listener.

[…] and from those small tootlings, enormous whistlings have grown.

Last night’s Omnibus was a bizarre documentary about the Louisburg International Whistler’s Convention, and entirely suited to the medium. It’s on the web (RealAudio) for one week only. If you’re bored of those 10,000 mp3s you’ve collected, give it a listen. I thoroughly recommend it.