Finding Time to Exercise

I’m down to less than 200 feeds in NetNewsWire now after culling a few dinosaurs and thinning-out a few sorry specimens.

I’ve just unsubscribed from the increasingly inane Lifehacker (cf. Finding-Your-Car and Coffee tips) after reading this little gem:

You’re busy. Your life is a hectic mess. How do you find time to get some exercise? Here are a few tips from Maria Gracia of

  • Skip the escalator and elevator. Take the stairs.
  • Park at least a block away from work or get off the bus/train a few stops early. Walk the rest of the way.
  • Rather than meeting with a friend for lunch, consider going biking, roller blading or swimming together instead.
  • Do some calisthenics or ride a stationary bike while watching your favorite television program.
  • Do some simple stretches, while you’re on the telephone and you’re on hold.
  • Schedule just 10 minutes of exercise per day on your calendar. By the time to month is over, you will have exercised over 300 minutes!

If your life was a “hectic mess”, and you were riding a stationary bike while watching your favourite television program, would you really feel any better about getting your busy hectic mess of a life under control? Well, that’s almost irrelevant because you’ve got at least 10 minutes of exercise scheduled for tomorrow and you can enjoy as many simple stretches as you’ve got minutes on-hold.