I'm sick of comment spam

For the near future, comments on this site are deliberately broken. They just won’t work. About 1,300 comment spams have been automatically blocked since the start of the year (that’s about 100 a day, about 60 junk comments have evaded the spam-blocker in the last 14 days (thats only about 4 a day). I manually delete each comment spam that evades the automated blocker, and I reckon this takes about 30 seconds per spam to evaluate and process. So, at 30 seconds(ish) per comment spam at about 120 spams per month this will take me about 12 solid hours a year just to moderate. It’s too much, so for now I’m going old school and locking this mutha down. Trackbacks are, for the moment, cool, groovy, sexy and very welcome. If you want to comment, email, AIM, Skype or phone me.

Update: just got spammed with lots of online-poker trackbacks, so trackbacks are now disabled.