I’ve got ad-hoc solutions for my project management needs, but they’re not ideal. My bugtracker (mantis) is being asked to perform increasingly unnatural acts. I still haven’t learned to love iCal (it syncs with my PDA and iPod, so I live with it). I dabbled with an OmniOutliner version of painless software schedules and early versions of PMX, but never sustained their use beyond scoping and pricing a project (helpful nevertheless). My wiki (‘Tavi) has been running for a year or so, though, and that’s working out okay.

Basecamp is an elegant, powerful, web-based project management tool. It’s a hosted service priced at between $19 and $59 per month.

[…] It lets you and your clients keep your conversations, contacts, reviews, schedules, to-do lists, and more in one place — password protected and accessible from any computer. Plus, since Basecamp looks, feels, and works like a blog, it’s a breeze to use.

That’s assuming you know how a blog looks, feels, and works.

Reading the marketing bumph, Basecamp sounds nifty. It’s developed by the folks at 37signals so it looks pleasing too. There’s not much information on how it supports teams and roles, I think I’ll have to take it for a spin (you can use it free for one active project, but have to supply credit card details).