This is a Wonderful Time

Tim Bray — Responsive Software Development:

This is a wonderful time.
Safari and
NetNewsWire, two pieces of
software that I use all the time, are under active development.
Hyatt is blogging his
Safari progress
in real time while Brent
updates NNW progress regularly.
Hyatt responds to trackbacks and Brent responds to emails.
If you live in the world of Microsoft (or actually of pretty well any
mainstream software development, let’s not beat up on Redmond however popular
that may be), this doesn’t happen, won’t happen, can’t happen.

Brent’s Ranchero is a small startup so we expect this kind of thing, but a
serious tip of the hat to Apple for letting Hyatt hang it out in public.
For what it’s worth, this style of product development makes me much
more likely to become a customer.

I’ve made two really good purchase decisions this last year. One: switch back to Macs. Two: get an Aeron Chair. :-)