What is Spartan?

Spartan is a stylesheet for NetNewsWire 2. Have a look at some screenshots…

Predictably, it doesn't look too spectacular! I wanted to create a simple, subtle design suitable for everyday reading. There’s a list of links to more NetNewsWire styles at

I use NetNewsWire's Combined View the most, but the stylesheet is optimised for the Traditional View too. In Traditional View there is extra space in the margin so the body of the text lines up with the headlines list, and the colours are kept similar to surrounding the Aqua interface.

Download & Install

Download Spartan:

To install, double-click on the .nnwstyle file and NetNewsWire will automatically install the style. Requires NetNewsWire 2 or above, full or ‘lite’ versions.

Version history

1.3 (2005-03-25)
Repackaged in the new '.nnwstyle' format.
1.2 (2004-10-28)
Initial public release.