What is folder2dot?

folder2dot is a mini-application for Mac OS X that generates a ‘dot’ file from a dropped folder.

How do I use it?

folder2dot icon: a folder and a 'dot' document icon side-by-side, floating over a square base shown in 3D perspective.Drag-and-drop a folder onto the folder2dot icon. A ‘dot’ file will be created in the same location as the dropped folder.

A ‘dot’ file is the source file for a diagram (in the DOT language). Diagrams can then be generated using the Graphviz graph drawing tools (including the Macintosh port of Graphviz).

Example output

This is an example diagram produced from this 'dot' file generated by folder2dot.


Download folder2dot: folder2dot-0.2.1.dmg (94.6KB).

Source code is available from the Google Code project page.

Version history